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An elegant way to protect the tubes of the Little Dot mk2 headphone amp, with laser-cut plywood.
GitHub of the project.
Blog article for more details!

3D printing


BrimbellePass is a free, Open Source, password manager. Its main features are:

... and the main feature of BrimbellePass: the ability to store (encrypted) passwords list and logins list in two different, separate XML files.

The last point tremendously improves the safety and possibilities of password manager:



For your safety, as the software is not in a stable version yet, I would strongly advise you to keep track of your passwords on another medium as well.

This software is distributed AS IS, with no warranty expressed or implied.


Pre-built versions are not signed yet, and will throw a security warning. But I'm working on it! Discard your OS warnings if you want to use these compiled version.

Available soon

For now, you can go to BrimbellePass GitHub repository and build the sources yourself.

Consulting services

Brimbelle Lab can assist you in your project: do you have an idea involving embedded systems, electronics or 3D printing, but you're not quite sure where to start and how to make it come true? Contact us if you need help and we'll get back to you with a quote: contact - at -